What time is your check-in check-out time?
Our check-in starts at 15:00 and our check-out is at 11:00.

Do you offer late check-out?
Yes, based upon availability. For information regarding a later check-out time, contact the Front Desk the evening before or morning of departure.

Does your hotel have on-site parking?
Yes, we offer complimentary on-site parking.

Can I bring my pet?
Only if it is a goldfish in its bowl. All other pets are not allowed.

How many people are allowed in the room?
Our rooms are designed to accommodate 2 people, including children, no extra beds or cribs available. Our Triple Ripple rooms, however, can accommodate up to 3 people

We are planning a family getaway with our children. Is WAVE Hotel & Café a good place to bring children/families?
Children are allowed, however, please take note that we do not provide extra beds, or cribs and as such, additional rooms may need to be booked. With our connecting room option you will be able to book two adjacent rooms to accommodate you and your family.

Is smoking allowed?
Your neighbors may not like you much in the morning, nor the firemen that have to thunder over to reset the fire alarm in your room. Your credit card bill may suffer a dent too, so all in all the answer to smoking in the hotel is NO!

Which credit cards are accepted at WAVE Hotel & Café?
We accepted VISA and MasterCard. Card must be on name of one of the guests to be accepted.

What if the credit card is not on my name?
In this case an authorization form will need to be completed by the actual credit card owner. The card holder will also need to provide a copy of the card and a valid ID in order for us to accept it as a valid form of payment.